Rudbeckia triloba.  Photo by Randi Fuchs.

Rudbeckia triloba.  Photo by Randi Fuchs.


On about 1/4 acre east of Pittsburgh I grow herbs for infusing oils for my Tallow Balms and making teas.  I also grow flowers!  I love insects, bugs, and soil and try to support them with my gardening techniques. I never use any chemicals in my garden, or my products.  Just clean, simple ingredients that work.  

TALLOW BALMS - My best selling product!  Once you try it, you'll be hooked.  Whipped balms made from local grassfed tallow from sustainable western Pennsylvania farms.  The ultimate moisturizer for face/body/or hands.  

OINTMENTS - For the vegetarians....infused olive oil ointments put to work the soothing properties of calendula, chamomile and comfrey.

FLOWERS - Cut flowers available during summer and fall.  Grown without chemicals.  I will have Dahlias! for 2018 (Amber Queen, Bride to Be, Jennifer's Wedding, Cornell, Cornell Bronze, and Rip City).  I will also be making custom arrangements for delivery so if you need one for the Pittsburgh area, get in touch!

SEEDLINGS - 2018: Dahlias, Milkweed

P.S.  What is Henbit?  It's a weed...one of many that grow here on this hill.  There is disturbed soil all around us.  This urban ecosystem is in flux, and I appreciate the tenacity of weedy plants that are keeping our hillside from eroding away.  

- Hannah